All printable designs purchased from my website are "zipped". Zip files are a compressed file allowing for several files to be packed into one folder. Unzipping is easy, but it must be done on a computer/laptop. You cannot download or un-zip on a smartphone or tablet. This tutorial for explain how to un-zip a zipped downloaded file for mac and pc users.



...unzipping is easy...

...unzipping for a mac...

To expand (un-zip) your .ZIP file, just double-click on the .zip file after downloading. This will open a file folder with all of the PDFs.

Unzipping files using Windows zip files extraction wizard


1- Navigate to the folder where your zipped file is saved, click on the folder. While on the folder right click the mouse button. A pop up menu will appear, then click "Extract All...", and Windows XP Extraction Wizard will launch and guide you via unzipping process.

...unzipping for a pc...

2- In the Extraction Wizard click on the "Next" button. Select the destination folder you would like to unzip the compressed printable designs, and click "Next" again. By default the destination folder will be the same name as the zip folder name (unless you re-name it) .

3a- The unzipped file processing will appear in the same window. When finished, your files will be unzipped and ready to use.

Click "Finish" button on the Extraction Wizard. If you check the box "Show extracted files" then the window with extracted PDF printable design files will launch.

3b- You will now have 2 folders... the zipped file and the unzipped folder... you will see the difference in the two icons... Click on the FOLDER icon and you will now see all of your PDF printable files ready to use.

Unzipping Printable files using WinZip software

1- Navigate to the folder where your zipped file is saved. Now you have two options. The first is while the mouse cursor is pointing at the zipped file icon, click on your right mouse button, and in pop up menu click "WinZIP" and in the next pop up menu "Extract to folder...", see the picture below.


OPTION 2 - Double click on zipped file.

2- If you double clicked on zipped file the WinZip software screen should launch. Click on the "Extract" button in WinZip window. The Extract window will appears immediately, pick up the folder to which you plan to save the unzipped PDF printable designs files. Then, be sure that a check box labeled "Use folder names" is marked, and click on the "Extract" button. Look at the screen shots below.

That's all. The PDF printables are unzipped. Now, you may close WinZip and navigate to the folder where you saved PDF printable files, then go ahead and start using your PDF printables in the FREE Adobe Reader.

If you choose the first option for extracting the PDF printables files, then they are already unzipped too. Unzipping the designs with WinRar utility is similar to WinZip.





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